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Luggage Tag

Product Detail

The Lenticular Luggage Tag is CMYK offset printing and laminated with a 75 lpi Lenticular lens.  An PET lenticular picture window on the back holds a standard size business or ID card (2" x 3 ½" ).  ID cards with name and address field are an optional add-on.  All Lenticular Luggage Tags are shipped with a flexible plastic loop strap.  The dimensions are 4.4" x 2.7" and it weighs 0.3 ounces.  

Have you ever lost your luggage at the airport?  With this unique Lenticular Luggage Tags, you can easily recognize your bags.  Airport safety now requires people to have Luggage Tags with contact information, so why not have one in your own style?  This Lenticular Luggage Tags offers brilliant color changing patterns, which can make your luggage easily found.  

The Luggage Tag can be attached on backpacks, golf bags, suit cases, travel bags, brief cases, computer cases, or any valuable things that you do not want to lose while traveling. This makes a great gift item.


Vibrant colors create a memorable experience for your audience

Memorable, eye catching 3D Lenticular designs

Includes a clear plastic strap to attach to your luggage

A clear vinyl cover on the back holds a standard size business or ID card (2x 3.5)

Optional Printed ID cards with name and address field

Lenticular PET prints onto 75 lpi lens

Great 3D Lenticular Gift Item

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