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3D Offset Training

What is included in this solution?

In addition to all the content included in Solution "3D Software Training", we also provide below solutions for you:

Help you adjust the printing press

Help you to choose and setup the CTP machine

Provide our 3D RIP software

Provide 3D Offset printing training, until you print same quality as we do.

What can you make after training?

You can make almost all kinds of lenticular mass production, including digital printing and offset printing jobs.

What shall you get prepared to start production after training?

1. Appointed CTP machine.

2. Good-conditioned Offset printing press (UV printing press is preferred)

3. Die Cutting machine

4. Laminating machine, etc.

How to become sole agency for this solution?

We provide this solution for only one printing factory in each country, so there is no need to be agency for this solution.

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