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How does lenticular technique used as for anti-fake purpose?

The traditional anti-fake techniques are usually useless because they are too simple to prevent from being reproduced. 3D anti-fake labels and packaging can never be reproduced by electronic color scanners like the ordinary printed matters, because they are encrypted by optic refraction data. They can be used for anti-fake labels of cigarette, wine, drink, cosmetic, apparel & fashion, drudgery, etc. Some experts predict that 3D brand labels will become the main method of anti-fake ones.
Your label and packaging will never be reproduced if you do as following steps:
Make sure that the original ichnography is the unique one, and never let it go out of your control.
Turn it into 3D Stereoscopic picture.
Print it onto the 3D lenticular and let it show its 3D Stereoscopic space.
Tell your customers how to distinguish. You can display the enlarged 3D label or packaging pictures in the supermarkets and public.
Then no one can reproduce your label and packaging. 
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