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How to choose a suitable lenticular for our usage?

We produce almost all the kinds of lenticular products to meet your needs. It ranges from 10-161 LPI.
 Type Name 
Lenticular Sheet 
Lenticular Board  Parallax barrier film *3
Lines Per 
inch (LPI *1)

50 /62 /75 /86 
/100 /151 /161


10 /20 /25 /28
/32 /40 /42 /58

30 /40

Thickness (mm)





Printable Size *2 (W x H) (mm)

340 x 495
Or 500 x 335

1000 x 495

 1100 x 2400


distance (M)






Real 3D/ Flip/ Animation
/ Zoom/ Morphing

Real 3D/ Flip

Method of
Offset printing on the paper or directly on the lenticular
Offset printing on the paper
Inkjet printing or offset printing on the paper
Application examples
 In addition to those on the right column, it can be used widely fields like: badges, hang tags, mouse pads, coasters, magnets, keychain, toy stickers, calendars, notebook, signage, puzzles, photo-album, can coolie, hats, bookmarks, bags, 3D souvenir cards, 3D crafts, 3D tickets, 3D greeting cards, 3D Christmas cards, post cards, book covers, diary covers, CD/DVD covers, anti-fake packaging boxes for cigarette, wine, spirit, whisky, cosmetic products, make-up products, food, etc... electric applications, toys, furniture, garment, play station, etc; Advertising industry: 3D advertising light boxes, outdoor advertising, 3D posters etc; 
Decoration industry: Decoration painting for companies, public places, home, etc;
Photography industry: 3D wedding dressed photo, artistic photo etc.

*1 LPI---Line per inch. It is one of the most important specifications about lenticular. LPI means the number of lenses installed in one-inch (2.54 cm) width. If we say, "We need 100 LPI lens," this means that we need the Lenticular lens that comes with 100 lens lines on each-inch width. In general, the smaller the Lenticular product (For viewing from short distance), the more lines are needed on the Lenticular lens. 
*2 If you need the size larger than printable size, please contact us to confirm whether it is possible or not. We will try our best to satisfy our customers' needs.
*3 Parallax barrier film is also called "super lenticular" by some suppliers. It is a PET film printed black lines instead of the micro lens on the surface. The 3D effect is much better than the normal lenticular. And the image comes out much more clearly and sharply. So it is a very good choice to make posters with Parallax barrier film. But it must be lighted on the back because the light reflection of Parallax barrier film is much poorer than normal lenticular.
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