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Can we combine several effects together onto the same images?

It is possible and it is adopted more and more to combine more than one effect together.

Following are some samples of combination of effects



Real 3D+flip

But you shall note particularly that there is some constraint on the result.
For flip, morph, zoom and animation, the alignment direction of the lenses is flexible - it could be horizontal or vertical depending on your required applications. However, for 3 dimensional, lens must be vertically aligned so as to obtain the visual parallax of depth illusion.
In other words, flip, morph, zoom or animation could combine freely with each other. but if you want to have 3 dimensional as well, the flip, morph, motion or animation will become left to right changing as the lens must be vertically aligned for 3 dimensional. Less promising flip, morph, motion or animation will then be the result.

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